Friday, May 16, 2008

FriPod: Long

I've been locked away grading since getting back from Wisconsin. That, combined with an exhaustion from the various emotions I've expressed lately, has led to my blogging silence. It has also kept me from running for the last three weeks, and I am participating in the first Geist Half-marathon tomorrow. Hence the FriPod topic: it's going to be a LONG 13.1 miles.

1. "As Long As I Live" by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, performed by Benny Goodman Sextet on Charlie Christian: Genius of the Electric Guitar.

2. "Behrani's Thoughts - Long Ago" by James Horner on House of Sand and Fog soundtrack.

3. "How Long Blues" by Carr, performed by the Count Basie Orchestra on The Essential Count Basie Vol.1.

4. "How Long Has This Been Going On?" by George & Ira Gershwin, performed by Sarah Vaughan on How Long Has This Been Going On?

5. "The Long Black Veil" by Marijohn Wilkin and Danny Hill, performed by Mick Jagger & The Chieftains on The Long Black Veil.

6. "Long Day" by Spang A Lang on Spang A Lang.

7. "The Long Run" by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, performed by the Eagles on Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2.

8. "Long, Long Journey" by Leonard Feather, perfomed by Louis Armstrong with the Duke Ellington Orchestra on The Best Of Duke Ellington: Centennial Edition.

9. "Through the Long Night" by Billy Joel on Glass Houses.


Harlan said...


10. Foreplay/Long Time by Boston

11. Long Train Runnin' by The Doobie Brothers

12. The Long Run by the Eagles

And, even though it doesn't have "long" in the title, I think "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" deserves to be on this one, on account of the heavy emphasis on the lyrics "the end of time"

Scott said...

I've got your #12 as #7 on my list. And I try to avoid Meatloaf when possible (the artist, not the food).