Saturday, December 22, 2007

The top 51 Classical Music Blogs - Technorati version

Here are the top 52 Classical Blogs, as ranked by the number of unique blogs linking to said blog (the Technorati Authority number). Unlike last time, I used only the larger Technorati Authority (TA) number if a blog had two addresses, no adding. There are several surprises, some significant moves in the list, including a new #1. The largest mover upwards was Hucbald, who rose 48 spots from June's ranking. Close behind were Today's Opera News (42) and the CSO Bass Blog (41). I had a TA of 79 three weeks ago, but that dropped down sharply, probably as all of the links from my June list timed out. Technorati only counts links from the last six months, and I actually did the June list in May. Thus I continue my slow descent in the ranks. But then I did take many breaks these last six months, and didn't do much spreading of link love to encourage higher links back to me. Commence the complaints about your own rank.

The list shows the rank, the blog, the TA, the author(s), and the category: C = composer, Crit = critic, O = opera, A = academic, L = listener, AD = arts director, and the rest are self explanatory.
Update: I've made a few corrections.
Update II: One more correction. Sorry for the error, Steve. And thanks to Marc for catching my mistakes.

1 Sequenza21: 783 Jerry Bowles (C)
2 The Rest is Noise: 650 Alex Ross (Crit)
3 About Last Night: 314 Terry Teachout (Crit)
4 Opera Chic: 181 (O)
5 Diaries: 158 (violin)
6 On an Overgrown Path: 144 Bob Shingleton (producer)
7 Ionarts: 133 Charles T. Downey (A)
8 PostClassic: 129 Kyle Gann (C)
9 Night after Night: 122 Steve Smith (Crit)
10 Soho the Dog: 120 Matthew Guerreri (C)
11 Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog: 112 (bass)
12 Sandow: 107 Greg Sandow (Crit)
13 Think Denk: 106 Jeremy Denk (piano)
14 La Cieca: 103 James Jorden (O)
15 Jessica Duchen: 93 (Crit)
16 Dial “M” for Musicology: 79 Phil Ford and Jonathan Bellman (A)
16 Sounds Like Now: 79 Brian Sacawa (saxophone)
18 Sounds and Fury: 76 AC Douglas (L)
19 Deceptively Simple: 74 Marc Geelhoed (Crit)
20 The Concert: 71 Anne-Carolyn Bird (voice)
21 Adaptistration: 68 Drew McManus (orchestra management)
22 The Standing Room: 65 Monsieur C (L and voice?)
23 The Iron Tongue of Midnight: 64 Lisa Hirsch (Crit)
24 Musical Perceptions: 62 Me (A)
25 The Rambler: 60 Tim Rutherford-Johnson (A)
26 Oboeinsight: 58 Patty Mitchell (oboe)
27 Collaborative Piano: 55 Chris Foley (piano)
28 CSO Bass Blog: 49 (bass)
29 Roger Bourland: 47 Roger Bourland (C)
30 A Singer's Life: 44 Michelle Bennett (voice) [stopped posting in September]
31 My Favorite Intermissions: 42 Maury D’annato (O)
32 Classical Life: 41 Timothy Mangan (Crit)
33 ANABlog: 40 Analog Arts Ensemble
34 Aworks: 40 Robert Gable (L)
35 Sieglinde’s Diaries: 39 Leon Dominguez (O)
35 Renewable Music: 38 Daniel Wolf (C)
36 Chicago Classical Music: 36 (L)
37 A Monk's Musical Musings: 35 Hucbald (guitar)
37 Musical Assumptions: 35 Elaine Fine (C and viola)
39 Brian Dickie: 33 (AD)
40 Catalysts & Connections: 31 Evan Tobias (education)
40 Counter/Point: 31 manpranissimo (voice) [no longer music]
40 Listen: 31 Steve Hicken (C and Crit)
43 Mad Musings of Me: 30 Gertsamtkunstwerk (O)
43 Vilaine fille: 30 (Crit)
45 Terminaldegree: 29 (kazoo)
46 Wellsung: 29 Alex and Jonathan (O)
47 Thirteen Ways: 28 eighth blackbird (ensemble)
47 Wolf Trap Opera: 28 (O)
49 Today's Opera News: 27 Alan Foust (O)
49 The Well-Tempered Blog: 27 Bart Collins (piano)
51 A View from the Podium: 26 Kenneth Woods (conductor)
51 Classical Music: 26 Janelle Gelfand (Crit)


Anonymous said...

Interesting list! Though is missing!

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Great list. A few comments:

You may want to reconsider the inclusion of blogs that aren't active any more--A Singer's Life (shut down in September) and Counter/Point (which only contains outdoor and masonry links at present) come to mind.

I'm not sure what your policy on radio and corporate blogs is (whose Technorati authority can be artificially boosted by other blogs in their network), but you might want to consider the CBC Radio 2 blog, which currently has a Technorati authority of 30.

Scott said...

To both anonymi, thanks for the suggestions. I'll check for dead links for the next ranking, that's too bad about Michelle's blog.

Empty said...

Would it be possible to get an OPML file for these, or is there a fast way to subscribe to them without visiting them all individually.

Scott said...

Anonymous I, isn't a blog. I don't include e-magazines, such as NewMusicBox, and tokafi fits in that category.

Anonymous said...

ChamberMusicToday blog ( ) might be added to the list. It is Technorati 550 currently.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the above comment: Take a look at ChamberMusicToday's Technorati stats. The blogs that link to it nearly all seem to be from splogs created by the same person.

dmcnair said...

I think I should respond to the remark 'splog' above. None of the content on CMT is 'scraped' or 'spam'. I personally write each post.

Note too that CMT does not 'sell' anything nor does it 'promote' any sites. The blogroll on the CMT is tiny -- just several sites like CMA and EMA that I participate in.
In other words, nothing on CMT is done to 'trick' search engines. The remark 'splog' is uncalled-for.

Happy Holiday,


Chamber Music Today

A.C. Douglas said...

In other words, nothing on CMT is done to 'trick' search engines.

Oh, you're right about that. Google wasn't the least tricked. It rates your blog at 10 (ten). Technorati, is, shall we say, less discriminating concerning the sources of the links.


A.C. Douglas said...

Scott: Why have you again included Terry Teachout's blog, About Last Night, in this and the Google list of classical music blogs? By no stretch could About Last Night be classified a classical music blog.


A.C. Douglas said...


My above sentence:

“It [Google] rates your blog at 10 (ten),”

is very poorly and misleadingly worded. That sentence should have read:

“It [Google] shows a mere 10 (ten) incoming links to your blog.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Christopher said...

Good list, rich and varied.

The door's always open at

- and you don't even have to wipe your feet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, what I say, this is a awesome effort you put into to create a list like this one. THANKS. My favourite composer is Bach, because every note he composed was measured mathematically. As a pattern, a system. (I probably sound slightly eccentric but I feel relaxed.

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