Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday news

As is usual, my birthday is celebrated as a national holiday today (tomorrow in terms of bank and government vacation). The Packers are giving me a present by kicking the hated Vikings behinds (20-0 right now). The DePauw football team gave me an early present by capturing the Monon Bell in a very exciting game (missed extra point balanced by a 2 point conversion, interception on the Wabash 4, first-down conversion on 4th and 2, game-winning field goal as time runs out). And I've been enjoying cards, presents, and well-wishes from family, friends, and students. It is a little bittersweet, turning 38 as I'm newly single. I've decided to have my midlife crisis a touch early, yearning for a Wii.

Oh, and so much for aiming for a wide audience:
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Update: And I've officially reached the 100,000 viewers mark on my birthday! The viewer who made the milestone at 6:41 pm (ET) was from Austin, Texas. This person was looking for "journal articles does warming up your voice effect the pitch of your voice girls chiors[sic]". I'm guessing my blog was disappointing to this person, but a view is a view. Now to see if the Colts will give me another present. My kids gave me cold weather running gear: long-sleeved shirt, hat, gloves and socks. The socks aren't specifically cold weather, but they are specific running socks, a step up from my cotton footies that could've started eating up my feet with the longer distances I'm running. I look forward to trying out the new gear tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Were you at the DePauw game? We actually had it on a cable channel and they showed a little guy who looked like Ben celebrating on the field after the game!

Scott said...

No, we stayed home. The Monon game is a little too rowdy for me to want to bring the kids. Perhaps in two years when DePauw hosts it again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, genius level required, eh?
Does that mean we (your readers) are all geniuses? Cool! Nice gadget btw. turns out you need only junior high level to read my blog.
Wonder what they base their judgment on though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and of course (although very late): happy birthday Scott!