Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Liberal Arts Blogging

On Saturday I took part in a panel on Web 2.0 technology here at DePauw. I talked about my class blogs (see on the left under DePauw Blogs). The visiting keynote speaker was Bryan Alexander of NITLE. He has put together a wiki of Liberal Arts Campus Bloggers, which is admittedly very incomplete. But I found it interesting to see how class blogs are used in different disciplines. I'd be curious to hear of any uses of social software that you dear readers have used in teaching situations.


Bryan Alexander said...

Thank you for the link! It was excellent hearing your presentation.

If you know of other LAC bloggers, want to add some?

Scott said...

Sure. I only know of a few personally, which I had emailed to you. But I regularly run across new blogs, and could add them if appropriate.