Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Theory Joke

One of my students told me a new theory joke today (with some embellishments by me).

A theory professor fell asleep on the couch after a hard day at work. But nightmares about his students' sight singing exercises made him toss and turn, eventually causing him to roll off of the couch. He stood up and announced:

Mi Fa La Fa Sol Fa.


Peter (the other) said...

That is a direct FLUNK!!! Stop this student now, before he becomes like half the musicians I know! Steer him towards... hmmm, ... maybe politics?

Scott Spiegelberg said...

Alas, stopping this student wouldn't stop the joke. He heard it while visiting Interlochen last weekend. Thus it has already infected the musical sense of humor (please excuse the oxymoron).

Peter (the other) said...

Oh no, it still makes me laugh! Doh!

(rotflmao... again)

Ciaviel said...

*grooooooan* Did you kick the student out of class for that one?