Monday, August 07, 2006

Trivium revisited

While searching for good pictures of monochords, I came across a blog called The Celestial Monochord - The Journal for the Institute of Astrophysics and the Hillbilly Blues. In its FAQ, the author answers the question:
What is "The Institute for Astrophysics and the Hillbilly Blues"?

The IAHB is a spurious think tank founded in March 2005. The Institute has one scholar on staff (me), and conducts research into private policy related to stuff like ... say, quantum washboards ... and maybe ... kazoogenic plasmas. The IAHB consistently loses an annual operating budget of a couple hundred dollars.

Why was I looking for a picture of a monochord? Mostly to confirm that the biggest instrument on the t-shirt I bought at the Amherst festival was a dragonhead monochord, though more accurately it should be called a tromba marina. And to distract me from the horror of a fried iPod. My replacement iPod won't arrive for another week, so I'll need plenty of distractions.

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