Thursday, March 02, 2006

I knew that jazz music was dangerous!

When I listed the most dangerous Hoosier professors before, I missed a golden opportunity by neglecting to check their disciplines.

George Wolfe is a most dangerous creature indeed. A saxophonist by trade, he woos our women with his seductive jazz and confuses everyone else with his synthesizer-influenced classical music. You know you can't trust the guy, he engages in the most extreme of post-modern ideals, John Cage's 4'33".And – with his doctorate in higher education from IU, mediator training, research on the cross-relationships of religion, and fellowships to study different cultures – he is clearly unqualified to teach an introductory course on peace studies and conflict management. And apparently he is virulently anti-semitic, as shown by his leadership of the notorious hate group, The Muncie Interfaith Fellowship and his training at the ultimate terrorist school, All-Faiths Seminary International.

Thank you, David Horowitz and David M. Kinchen (do you think they are related?) for warning me about this dangerous professor. I'll not walk the streets of Greencastle tonight, out of fear that he might make the three hour drive to viciously talk to me about peace and love. In fact, I see from Mr. Horowitz's bio that he was brutally pied at the much closer Butler University. Fortunately, I've been educated in the ways of pie.


Tim Rutherford-Johnson said...

George Wolfe is my New Favourite Music Academic; I'm glad at least one person from our discipline is considered 'dangerous' enough to make the grade!

Peter (the other) said...

Although the very smug lefties of the two coasts might be very surprised, if the revolution starts in Indiana, I'll say "I told you so!".