Saturday, December 31, 2005

Small moose

Today I got another present, though this was a birthday present rather than a Christmas present. Over a month ago I used money from my Grandpa to order a cornetto from Jeremy West. It finally arrived, much to my excitement and my wife's dismay. Mary did manage to conceal her dismay enough to try it out, though. I'm sure it brought back wonderful memories of her indentured servitude in the Collegium Musicum at Cleveland State University.

This cornetto is made from resin, like the one I borrowed from Indiana University this summer. But it is covered in leather, so it feels much nicer. Some of my colleagues have formed a Baroque chamber ensemble. I hope to master the cornetto enough to play with them by next fall.


Anonymous said...

I had aprofessor at Humboldt State University who wrote his DMA dissertation on the cornetto. You might like to look for it through ILL. His name is Gilbert Cline.

Scott said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will request "The cornetto: A guide toward performance, within historical context, indicating the use of the recorder as a companion instrument" right away!