Thursday, June 23, 2005

I got yer referral right here

Some interesting search queries led visitors to my humble blog recently, which I thought I'd share:

"music perceptions definition" - Really, it is simply the study of audio perception (hearing) with very specific stimuli (music). Various subcategories can be teased out, such as rhythm perception, meter perception, pitch perception, timbre perception, dynamics perception, as long as the caveat that only musical stimulus be used. Sometimes we cheat and reference more general audio perception studies, but only if there is a direct connection to musical stimulus.

"can it make a compose if it has no tone but it have lyrics?" - I'm going to say, "yes," as long as "tone" means pitch and not timbre. There are plenty of unpitched musical works out there, from rap to percussion ensembles to the opening sequence of The Music Man.

"OBOE evolution wars" - I had no idea the technological development of woodwind instruments was so bloody!

"power point presentation trumpets" - I think somebody needs to do his/her own work, rather than hoping for an easy internet solution! Likewise with "mozart requiem form and analysis" and "musical analysis stabat mater pergolesi."

"Philip Glass depauw" - this intrigues me, as I don't think Glass has ever visited our fair campus. Neither have any of his major works been performed here in my three years. Looking through the search list, though, I find out that DePauw was the site of the very first sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, in 1870.

"How are our brain perceptions influenced by habits" - From what I understand, it isn't the perceptions that change, but the processing of these perceptions (cognition) that can become more efficient through repeated exposure. But others on the search list look more appropriate for this question than me.

And finally, a search for that marvelous combination of art and medicine, "Marin Marais gallstone surgery" on Marais' Le Tableau de l'Operation de la Taille, his 1725 musical work about his gallstone operation. He also did one on childbirth. Coming soon, the spleen's greatest hits.

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