Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The VP Valse, final reprise

Finally, the speculation is over. Now we have to prepare for the Republican responses:

1) He's inexperienced.

A: He has the same amount of Fed. government experience as GWB had when he was elected president. Plus he is on the Senate Intelligence committee.

2) He is a trial lawyer.

A: He was a good lawyer, defending the people against wrongs committed by corporations. His cases were always described as "David v. Goliath" affairs. Thus the response allows us to talk about Edwards' experience as a genuine populist.

3) He is second-best, because he is Kerry's second choice. (McCain would have been better.)

A: At least Kerry made the choice, unlike Cheney's self-promotion. Alternate answer: Grownups often consider more than one choice, and sometimes find the second choice to be better than the first.
Another alternate answer: If Kerry considered McCain, this tells us two things: McCain must have signaled the possibility, showing he clearly doesn't like what GWB has done; and Kerry is much more dedicated to uniting the differing political opinions of our country than George "I'm a uniter, not a divider" Bush is. What has Bush done to unite the country?

4) He shows that Kerry is an unabashed liberal, since he didn't pick a more centrist candidate (note the contradiction to #3, as Kerry did try to pick a conservative candidate).

A: Yes, John Kerry is a liberal. This is what the country needs, someone with a vision to progress forward, rather than moving back to McKinley-era governments.
Alternate: What has GWB done to balance his ticket? His record is very reactionary, pushed even farther by Cheney.

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