Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm getting civil unioned in the morning...

The Indianapolis Star has conducted a poll on the views towards homosexual marriage or civil unions by Hoosiers. As Atrios points out, the spin of the article does not really reflect the results of the poll. A full 50% of the 700 polled supported either marriage or unions, with 3/5 of the support for civil unions but not marriage. The title of the article is "Few Hoosiers back gay marriage," and the article itself continues this emphasis on the negative aspects:
Less than a quarter of Hoosiers say gay couples should be allowed to marry, while almost half say there should be no legal recognition of their relationship,...

Other encouraging signs that were downplayed in the article include the fact that almost half of those polled knew a family member, close friend, or co-worker that was homosexual. Also downplayed was the fact that gay marriage was ranked as the seventh most important issue in the upcoming governer's race, out of eight issues offered.

The biggest positive that I saw was that 2/3 of Hoosiers under 35 support marriage or civil unions. After exposure to countless positive portrayals of homosexual people in mass media and the growing support for coming out publically in high schools and colleges, young people are quite aware of the number of friends and family that are affected by the current unequal status quo. This is quite encouraging for the future, and a big reason why older conservatives are pushing for constitutional amendments that would prevent changes that future generations will want to make.

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