Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's your drink?

My sister sent me this link to Drinkify.  Type in the music to which you are listening, and the good folks at Drinkify will tell you what you should be drinking.  Here are some of the test results I encountered, starting with my sister's Motley Crue:

Motley Crue:  8 oz. Tequila Añejo, 8 oz. Coffee, 12 oz. Honey
Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir vigorously. 

Ben Folds: 2 oz. Whiskey, 2 oz. Egg, 6 oz. Stolichnaya Vodka
Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. 

Jonathan Coulton: 1 bottle Buckfast
Serve at room temperature. 

Nico Muhly:  4 oz. Gin, 4 oz. Rose's lime juice
Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir vigorously. 

Thomas Ades:  1 bottle Red wine
Serve at room temperature. 

Beethoven, Bach, any other older classical composer:  1 bottle Red wine.

Miles Davis:  1 oz Heroin
Serve neat. Stir slowly. Garnish with salt.  

I'd be offended by the classical music stereotype, but I do love my Malbec.  And I have no idea whether heroin should be garnished with salt.  Leave a comment with the music you are listening to, the drink suggested, and whether you felt it enhanced the listening experience.


El Johno said...

you'll enjoy the fact that several friends and I will be embarking on extensive research into perfect drink pairings with specific composers, and in some cases, specific pieces.

We're also thinking of expanding to include full meal preparations. Should make for an incredibly fun summer.

Andrea Spiegelberg said...


The Adele

2 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Coconut milk
1 oz. Honey

Combine in highball glass and serve. Garnish with cucumber.

Scott said...

John, I do like that idea. Keep me apprised.

Scott said...

For some reason, most indy rock groups, like Kings of Leon and DMB, are matched with PBR. I would have thought DMB would get a marijuana reference, at least.

Peter (the other) said...

Curious (perhaps), but two blog entries on the same day, concerned with the intake of alcohol and music (gulpgulpgulp... hiccup!)?

mrG said...

well after the rather tall Kobo, I ordered up a Dewey Redman Sextet and that just about set me right for the evening.