Sunday, February 12, 2012

Andrea Spiegelberg

8:05 LL Cool J is being super emotional. Prayer!

8:11 Adele looks lovely.

8:12 Bruno. Not sure if I like the edge. He is channeling MoTown.

8:14 I am the guest blogger and making Scott Spiegelberg somewhat annoyed. I am a neophyte to blogging.

8:16 I did not like the speaker effect at all. Is that even an instrument? It's like a lame microphone.

8:17 I will be providing any key and important quotes that Truman far he wailed that he was missing Bruce because he was getting his PJ's on.

8:21 Alicia's hair is way over the top. Bonnie is as good as ever. Better than ever! RIP Etta.

8:23 Truman just said "if you swallow hair it has no where to go"

8:24 Adele starts the metal collecting. She looks AMAZING.

8:25 I don't feel like I can give this guy a break after he beat the crap out of my girl Rih. Seriously.

8:27 He is not even a good singer. I will stop blogging in protest until this song is over.

8:31 A big shout out to STEVE SPIEGELBERG. Happy Birthday!

8:34 Can there be any more commercials?

8:35 Her earrings are way to big and the black bra under the dress is passe.

8:36 Jay Z and Kanye no show. With baby.

8:37 Reba has not changed. At all. Not sure if that is a good thing.

8:38 Jason Aldean so so live. Kelly always good live.

8:39 Scott just asked who was first American Idol.

8:40 Kelly's dress is really hot. I give it a 9. You all know Reba's husband is her manager. Huge move and a good one.

8:41 My friend, Blake Shelton, will be covering Glen Campbell.

8:44 Yo Pepsi, we all remember that Elton did a Diet Coke ad. This does nothing for your brand.

8:50 Excuse me while I take Truman to bed. He wonders if you've ever felt like a plastic bag?

8:57 Rihanna is awesome. And she has a rockin' bod. Not sure what that stomach chain type of thing is.

8:58 She dances like Britney. You think she would be good, she thinks she's good, but she's kind of not.

9:01 Excuse me while I tuck in Harrison. Word.

9:02 Okay I am blogging in time order, from earliest to present. Scott does it the other way. Sorry if it confuses you. Personal style.

9:09 Chris O'Donnell is still smokin'

9:13 Go Decemberists. Scott just said. "wow, I have that album!"

9:14 The Foo Fighters. Yawn. I miss Cobain. RIP.

9:15 Okay. Props to old school recording. Shout out to Nirvana. YAY!

9:15 Wow, Dave. Tell us how you really feel. His rant went right into LMFAO. Ironic.

9:16 I am afraid to see the Beach Boys.

9:17 However, Adam Levine makes everything better. Maybe not.

9:21 Adam Levine is now officially overexposed. And the Beach Boys are back. My mom never realized they were gone.

9:24 I feel like they probably rehearsed together once at 2:15 this afternoon.

9:33 Sir Paul does not sound so great. He kind of sounds old and depressing. Maybe he is.

9:34 This is a good time for me to tuck in back.

9:40 Taylor on the banjo!

9:41 The set looks like Uncle Jethro's Jug Band...what's the name of that Disney band with the bears?

9:44 I love her but I think Scott is trashing her. Athena heard her and came back downstairs.

9:45 I cannot imagine Nicki can top the speakers on her ass costume from last year.

9:47 While we are on costumes, Gaga has a black veil on. If she planned it a while ago it, it's hideous and the scepter is just wrong and makes her look pompous. If she's wearing it for Whitney it's even worse. And the scepter still doesn't make sense.

9:48 Ashton Kutcher is smokin'

9:51 Rollin. I love her accent. She needs to guest star on Downton.

9:56 Not sure how Russell feels about Katy's number. Go girl!

9:57 There's my friend Blake's wife, Miranda. I think that's a wig. I am sure it is.

9:58 Lady A!! So good, right?

10:03 Pumped for Adele. She makes all the overdressed cosutme changing performances look bad.

10:04 Now that I said that, she'll do some techno crazed number.

10:07 Just the back up band. Classy. Love the back up singers. By the way, this song is excellent to have going through yoru mind when swimming laps. It's the perfect BPM or something.

10:10 Scott is showing off below with some timbre analysis. That's hot.

10:12 Shout out to Starkville and Appleton.

10:13 Target is spending some change on advertising and it's very good.

10:14 So I didn't spell timbe right above, according to Scott. That's kind of a major f-up since he is on sabbatical to study and write about tambre. I mean timbre. Sigh.....I am a loser.

10:16 Taylor's dress is HOT. I cannot wait for my friend Blake.

10:17 They still have that Jug Band set out there. It just screams country. So forced.

10:19 My friend Blake is such a good singer. I 'll have to send him a tweet. Look at his eyes. Look!

10:21 I cannot believe Miranda is sitting next to Lady Gaga. Comical.

10:22 Bonnie and Gretchen played this when we were younger.

10:31 Carrie Underwood is so obviously reading  that from a prompter.

10:34 Dark Horse!!!!

10:33 Do you think he asks to be called, Mr. Bennett?

10:32 She's got some pipes though. And Tony Bennett does not age!

10:45 Nice J Hudson. RIP Whitney.

10:48 I am tired. I had to get up at like 6:00 this morning.

10:51 Not blogging about this in protest. Except I am interested in Deadmau5. I think Disney might not be.

10:52 I like the glowing foam thingies. Those would be worth searching out on eBay.

10:55 There's the annoying Foo Fighters again.

10:56 I like the Mau5, and he/she/it has a following.

10:58 Love the Mau5. Up with techno. What think, Spiegs?

10:59 Is there anything theoretically relevant, viable, interesting in the genre?

11:05 Nicki freak show. Adele, where are you?

11:10 Lady A, thank you for rescuing us

11:11 And in normal fashion, Adele wears the same dress all night. How proper.

11:14 All y'all should go to to watch the OK Go Sonic piece. Amazing.

11:19 Diana Ross. Her hair is just off the chain. If I could work that I would.

11:21 With that mask/veil, how could she even have a sip of wine?

11:23 Adele is so awesome. Snot runs down her nose too.

11:27 Scott knows all about this type of guitar riff jamming sort of thing. I am just sick of the Foo Fighters who must have a fast driver.

11:30 Paul doesn't have a good stylist. He wore a light blue shirt that showed his sweaty pits. Or maybe he doesn't give a shit.

11:31 Good night, world. When I figure out how to make those glowing swim noodles, they'll be on Etsy.


Katrina said...

Amen, Sister. I love your blog protest.

Chick on the Brix said...

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt might have just stolen the early show-they were unbelievable and completely in sync...I need that song. RIP Etta...