Sunday, June 21, 2009

Viral Dancing?

My sister sent me this Youtube video of a "happening" in Antwerp. As a promo for a Belgian reality show searching for Maria for a revival of Sound of Music, 200 dancers started dancing to "Do Re Mi" in the Antwerp Central Station. Even though it has a commercial purpose, it does capture the spirit of brightening peoples days with unexpected art. This sounds like an interesting project to get my college students involved with, not necessarily dance mind you. Especially not me dancing, except to horrify my friends and family.


shoreacres said...

Here's a link to the improv troupe Improv Everywhere and their "Food Court Musical": It's quite wonderful!

Taking another tack, they produced "Frozen Grand Central Station":

The Improv Everywhere home page will guide you through a world of such fun and frivolity - and provide some very interesting insights along the way.

Scott said...

Thanks for the links. I've seen the Food Court Musical before, but didn't learn the troupe name then.

Maria LĂșcia said...

Thanks for the link.
Congratulations for your site.

pulsa murah said...