Thursday, June 04, 2009


Tonight I took the kids to see Pixar's latest film, Up. Twice I teared up, the relationship between the man and his wife was so sweet. I wish they didn't feel the need for the fighting scenes, but the dogs are great, especially Doug. And Russell is very cute without being overly so. I could tell my kids were affected by the absence of Russell's father. During the merit badge ceremony my son had to come over and sit on my lap, I think to confirm that I was there. I can't imagine parents who don't want to spend time with their kids, or who won't even realizing how damaging their absence can be. Perhaps I'm judging Russell's father too harshly, we aren't told why he stopped coming to the ceremonies, or why the first marriage ended. But c'mon, be there for your kid. They won't always have a giant, colorful, flightless bird who loves chocolate.


Bryan's workshop blog said...

My wife and I had a similar reaction, tearing up several times. And our son (10) had a blast.

Terminal Degree said...

I teared up too. It was such a sweet film.

Dan B. said...

I had the problem of wiping away tears behind two pairs of glasses. I sort of wish the rest of the film had been half as spectacular as the opening.