Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

For Earth Day you can download some free eco-oriented music by Chris Blake. Here is what Chris has to say:
Other featured songs off my brand new album WAVE include “How Journey Saved My Life." True story.

My last CD lent songs to several indie films, including "Silent Hearts" starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste. But the closest I ever came to stardom (or infamy) was when I almost hit Bono with my car in Westwood Village one foggy night. True story.

I also helped invent MySpace, and if you look real close at the white board behind Tom Anderson, you'll see some notes on how they planned to cut me loose and steal all my ideas. I've since formed a secret society with Divya Narendra and the Winklevosses.

Okay, so that last bit wasn't really true, but I should at least get some bonus points for sending a pitch that mentions the Winklevosses.

You can also celebrate by looking at the latest issue of Music and Politics. Read Derek Katz's review of recent recordings that mix politics into the ... er ... mix, like Neil Rolnick's Playing Well With Others featuring "Georgie" and "Dickie", or Virgil Thomson's soundtracks to The Plow That Broke the Plain and The River.

And if you live in Pennsylvania, go vote today. The earth will thank you.


Emily said...

Hello! Hello!...so this is irrelevant to your post. I was taking a break from an all-nighter and decided to search "a tetrachord of three" in goodgle, and your blog came up (along with mine)! well thank you for linking me under "string blogs"...except, I play the viola actually. :D

Scott said...

Emily, I've fixed the label. Thanks for the correction.