Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something news

I'm trying a new feature on the blog: a built-in RSS feed of music news from NPR and music theory articles from Music Theory Spectrum. It is at the bottom of the page. This is just a trial. Let me know what you think, including suggestions of other RSS feeds to use along with or instead of the two I have picked.


Peter (the other) said...

That is great! I am going to have to spend time to learn about this RSS business that I have been pretending not to notice. On top, the time spent reading and listening to those odd tidbits that reach out and snag you. INFO overload!

But I dream of an ├╝ber page, one that has all of the journals and interesting stuff right on its face, that now I have to bother remembering to hit the links in my sidebar for. And maybe it is this RSS stuff.

Now, what was I doing..... ?

Michael Manning said...

HI: You have a nice site here. I wanted to invite you to visit my site and read my Blog on conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson's recent concert with the Cincinnati Symphony. I interviewed her on my old Classical Radio show.