Friday, February 17, 2006

But which music for Australian Shiraz?

Mind Hacks tells us of a study by Adrian North et al that shows the influence of regional folk music on wine choices.
You go to the supermarket and stop by some shelves offering French and German wine. You buy a bottle of French wine. After going through the checkout you are asked what made you choose that bottle of wine. You say something like "It was the right price", or "I liked the label". Did you notice the French music playing as you took it off the shelf? You probably did. Did it affect your choice of wine? No, you say, it didn't.
That's funny because on the days we play French music nearly 80% of people buying wine from those shelves choose French wine, and on the days we play German music the opposite happens.
Read the rest at Mind Hacks, or in the Nature article.

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DFV said...

Why, a little composition by Carl Vine of course!