Friday, December 23, 2005

Winter = Hibernate, right?

I wish I had been hibernating. Instead, I was finishing grades for the semester (check out the final results of this semester's class blog), buying a house, moving into the house, writing letters to the editor and my Congressmen (secret laws, secret lawbreaking), putting up Christmas decorations, buying presents, conducting my War on Michaelmas, and baking cookies. I also finally got the wireless working in the new house, hence I can start blogging again. (Plus, my temporary house had two accidental movie channels with my basic cable service, whereas the new house actually gives me only the channels I paid for.)

I thank all those who linked to my Mozart post, though I must say that I did not create the letter, as shown by the age of these sites. I'll be reporting from the frozen tundra in a few days, more to come.


Terminaldegree said...

Welcome to your new home. Play this for yourself (track 6), if you can stand it!

Scott Spiegelberg said...

Ah, I had to play that overture in college. It is definitely my least favorite Beethoven overture (with Egmont as my favorite). But thanks for the well wishes. Happy holidays!