Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nanoo, Nanoo

It was a very nano Christmas here in the frozen tundra. Those receiving a Nano iPod included my brother, dad, and ME! I need to update the ancient 10.1.5 system on my TiBook so my iPod can talk to the appropriate version of iTunes, but I've been downloading some music via my mom's computer to tide me over. I now need to decide how often I want to listen to music. If I make it ubiquitous, I stop listening, which I consider a bad thing. I think it will mostly be used for jogging and long car/airplane trips, though I am listening right now as I am blogging ("The Dream of Kings" from the House of Sand and Fog soundtrack).

Music related gifts I gave out include a Evgeny Kissin CD to one niece, a Martha Graham DVD to the other niece, and a book on sound engineering for my eldest nephew. They seem to like the presents. My niece is even writing a paper on Graham right now, so the DVD was very appropriate. I hope everyone is having the best winter holiday that they can.

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