Thursday, September 30, 2004

I couldn't do it

I couldn't be dispassionate in judging the debate. I started out taking notes carefully, but I gave up when Bush was so clearly flustered by actual facts and kept repeating lies about John Kerry. So Instead, I wrote a letter that I sent to the Greencastle Banner-Graphic, the Hendricks County Flyer, and the Indianapolis Star. Here it is.
In the first debate, John Kerry showed that he is more presidential than George Bush. Kerry did not act petulant, he did not smirk or hunch and spout off inane platitudes. John Kerry answered the questions clearly and intelligently, and showed real humanity with his passion, his humor (I agree that you can't keep your daughters from doing what they want) and his respect for the presidency.

I appreciated John Kerry's clear presentation of the differences between himself and President Bush. Kerry has a clear plan for Iraq, for North Korea, and for homeland security. He eloquently pointed out the misdirections the current administration has made on foreign policy. Running into Iraq before we finished the fights in Afghanistan was a mistake. Refusing to talk to North Korea was a mistake. John Kerry has shown that he will not make these mistakes, that he will make decisions based on facts rather than an ideology.

This debate has made it clear that we need new leadership for U.S foreign policy, and John Kerry will provide that leadership.

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