Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bursting from the seas of phlegm

I got a nasty cold this last week, bad enough to keep me home on Thursday. The other days I was a member of the walking dead (i.e. sophomores), neither thinking nor communicating more than necessary. But I did manage to do some things that were worthy of blogging, and now I feel up to the task.

Yesterday, I took my kids to their first football game, DePauw U. against Wisconsin-Stout. It was also my first home game in the two-plus years I've been here, as I admit to my shame. The three of us had a good time, though we spent more time wandering the sidelines than I would have preferred. The Tigers lost quite spectacularly, but there were some exciting plays. At one point a Stout player caught the ball in the endzone, about 10 feet from where we were sitting in the grass. A defender reached around and batted the ball from the receiver's hands, but the referee inexplicably called a touchdown. Needless to say, the home crowd was not happy. But this was the only time that the students were unruly. There was no obvious signs of drinking, and a very good showing of students, alumni, and local "townies" to support the team. My two-year-old son bonded with some frat boys sitting in the "Couch Potato" planted at the endzone. I would make a joke about this, but the students were very good sports about keeping him entertained. So you can make your own fraternity jokes instead.

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