Monday, June 07, 2004

Who is Sylvia?

I just discovered a very bizarre combination of coincidences. A German author named Martin Spiegelberg, who happens to be a trumpet player, writes a book called (in translation) The Matter with Sylvia. I am a trumpet player, my last name is Spiegelberg, and my mother-in-law's name is Sylvia.

To add yet another bit to this tapestry of flukes, the main character of the book is Swabian. I just found out where Swabia was at the end of this semester, because a song from the Ottman sightsinging book I assigned for a final exam happened to be a folksong from Swabia. Oh, and Swabia used to be ruled by the Merovingians, who feature prominantly in Dan Brown's hit The Da Vinci Code, which I read last year. And... oh you get the idea.

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