Friday, June 11, 2004

Requiem messages

I had not planned to watch Reagan's state funeral today, but my father called to tell me that it was being held at the Episcopal Cathedral in Washington. As my wife is on the path to becoming an Episcopal priest, I take some interest in the religion and its churches. So I turned on the TV, heard some great music (though I wasn't impressed with the organ, at least how it came out on TV), and heard much of the eulogies. I did turn of the volume during Margaret Thatcher's recorded piece, so I could read a book to my kids.

I naturally listened for any gaffes in President Bush (Jr.)'s eulogy, and he had plenty of slips and awkward pauses. But what really struck me was his pointed emphasis on Reagan's "bold and consistent leadership." He looked at someone - his father perhaps? - as he practically spit out these words. Either George Jr. was having an Oedipal moment, or he was continuing his campaign's efforts to link himself to Reagan as the Republican hero. I don't think it is working, at least not the way they want it to.

By the way, if anyone knows what the music was for the recessional, please let me know. Parts of it were quite pleasant, though the contrasting middle section was too movie-like (perhaps appropriate in the circumstances).

Update! I found the answer here: it was "Mansions of the Lord" by Nick Glennie-Smith and was originally written for the movie We Were Brothers Soldiers(2002). So my instincts were right!

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