Thursday, June 17, 2004

Portrait of an exhausted artist

It has been a hectic week for me. I've been teaching an Introduction to Music Theory class (two sections) for the DePauw Vocal Arts Camp, a week-long camp for high school singers and the School of Music's major recruiting tool. I've been driving down to Bloomington to get prepared for a class on 20th Century analysis and literature I will be teaching at IU starting next week (it actually starts tomorrow, but I will be out of the state, so my TA is lecturing). And I have been practicing so I am in shape for my undergraduate Wind Ensemble/Trumpet studio reunion on Friday and Saturday. Along with normal family responsibilities, preparing for two new classes next year, and trying to get some research done, I've been a little overwhelmed this week.

Once I get into the IU rhythm, I think the summer will go much smoother. I do need to revise some statistics for a paper I will be giving in August, and revise some other statistics for an article I will be resubmitting this summer. And work on the files for my interim review in the Fall. Other than that, piece-o-cake!

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