Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nerding out

Yesterday I revealed my extensive knowledge of Star Trek to my students, reaffirming my nerd status. Right now I'm looking through the program for the Society for Music Theory annual conference, so I can make plans as to which papers I want to hear. That is already a little nerdy, but I'm also getting excited about some of the papers, ramping up my pocket-protector status. The plenary session will be really good, "Issues in Music Cognition." One of my dissertation advisors, Betsy Marvin, is chairing this session with Carol Krumhansl, Fred Lerdahl, Laurel Trainor, and David Huron. And right before this session the Music Cognition Interest Group is meeting to discuss Justin London's theory of meter.

So, where should I go to eat while in Baltimore? And any concerts happening there on Friday or Saturday evening (especially Saturday, there's no papers that night)?


Charles T. Downey said...

Scott, you should consider seeing the Salzburg Marionnette Theater's Magic Flute on Saturday night (7:30 pm, at Shriver Hall, on the Johns Hopkins campus). Also, all weekend, Peabody Opera Theater is staging Britten's Turn of the Screw, one of my favorites, and farther afield, Maryland Opera Theater is giving the world premiere of John Musto's new opera in College Park (just outside Washington). The BSO is playing, too, but not anything particularly exciting. On Friday night, again if you want to come down to Washington, the Quatuor Ysa├┐e is playing a free concert at the Library of Congress. Also, Friday and Sunday, Baltimore Opera has a good production of Donizetti's Maria Stuarda on at the moment.

I will be reviewing none of these things on Saturday, as I have to be singing for the dedication of the newly decorated dome at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. *sigh*

Enjoy your conference! Feel free to send your colleagues to Ionarts for some concert guidance.

Harlan said...

Bertha's Mussels: http://www.berthas.com

Harlan said...

Oh, and I forget about the proximity of these Hard Times Cafe locations to Baltimore (been a while), but if you're near one of the Maryland locations, go in and have a chili sampler.


Anonymous said...


What do you think about London's "Hearing in Time"?


Admiral said...

I had that Star Trek moment in my first class in college about 7 years ago. My Political Science professor was talking about an episode in which "Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy were arguing on a so-called primitive planet about differing visions of the Prime Directive. McCoy wanted to liberate the people but Spock wanted--"

I yelled out "THE APPLE" before I could stop myself. I then tried to look around like it wasn't me.

But it was too late. ::sighs::

Scott said...

Charles and Harlan, thanks for the recommendations. Unfortunately, I started getting sick on Saturday afternoon, and wasn't up to going out to any concerts.
Antonio, I like Justin's book. That is indeed what we discussed, a very interesting back-n-forth with Justin, Fred Lerdahl, and others.

Admiral, embrace your nerdiness.