Friday, August 25, 2006

A warmup

The tidal wave that is the beginning of the semester has come crashing through my life. All non-teaching activities have been drowned or swept so far away that it takes weeks to find them again. But I'm starting to tread water, enough to make a little blog post.

First, a new group blog in the classical bløgösphére, Dial 'M' for Musicology. Run by Phil Ford, Jonathan Bellman, and Richard Wattenbarger, this blog hopes to inject the musicologist perspective in the blogging world's "conversations that shape our culture" (quoting Phil).

Second, my latest class blog has been birthed. Following the tradition of gadawful names, this one is called Da Musically Inclined Bomb. The first assignment, after testing to see that they can indeed post, is to write a musical autobiography. Please visit and make comments. The more feedback the students get, the more seriously they take the writing assignments and the more they learn.

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