Saturday, July 09, 2005

A new Carnival's in town

The blogosphere has several carnivals touring around. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of them, though it is missing one of the newest carnival's, the Carnival of Music. What is a blogospherical carnival, you may ask. Bora Zivkovic of Science and Politics provides both a definition and some suggestions on how to successfully run a carnival: "a) have a clearly stated purpose, b) appear with predictable regularity, c) rotate editors, d) have a homepage and archives, and e) have more than one person doing heavy lifting."

The Carnival of Music is starting pretty slowly, but it is doing everything correctly. The purpose is clear: to feature interesting posts on any facet of music. The Carnival has been appearing every week on Monday, with the next one to appear at The Fredösphere in two days. Thus it is predictable. After the first three editions by TexasBestGrok, there have been a rotation of editors, from Owlish Mutterings to And What Next, with future carnivals to be hosted by Podcast Bumper Music, Llama Butchers, and yours truly.* There is a homepage with links to the older editions. That leaves the final requirement. JohnL did the first and most important part of heavy lifting, now it is up to others to help (remember, use your legs - save your back).

I support the idea of building the sense of community of the bløgösphère, especially between different genres of music. I certainly can learn from experts in pop, rock, blues, world music, etc., and I like to think that they would find my musings interesting as well. If you agree, inform the weekly carnival host of your favorite posts (whether written by you or read by you), and volunteer to host a carnival. Fred wants submissions by Sunday noon for this next week's Carnival, so get cracking!

*Okay, now I have "Truly Scrumptious" going through my head, damned earworm. I'm fighting it by remembering the quodlibet version instead of the original.


coturnix said...

Meta-Carnival #6 is coming in a few days and it will most certainly contain the Carnival of Music. As you say, it is doing everything right!

JohnL said...

Scott, Thanks for the kind words and the support. I'm looking forward to your edition of the Carnival of Music.