Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Episkey! Episkey!

I finished the latest Harry Potter book last night. I think it is the best of the series yet, with the kids acting like mature-yet-realistic teenagers and the grownups actually listening to the kids. I'm still pondering about the significance of the biggest plot point, thinking that perhaps things aren't as they seem. But then again,
Want to Get Sorted?

I'm a Ravenclaw!


Lisa Hirsch said...

And so am I!

Scott Spiegelberg said...

I wonder what the Hufflepuff personality is supposed to be like. I don't recall much discussion of that House.

patty said...

Harry and I are buddies! Woo hoo. (And I honestly didn't TRY to figure out how to get into Gryffindor. Honest.)

Bonnie Spiegelberg said...

I am a Hufflepuff!!!


Scott Spiegelberg said...

Okay, Mom. What kind of answers did you give on the quiz?

Bonnie Spiegelberg said...

My answers:
3.hard work
5.who are good and fair to all, regardless of background
6.I like to do that is expected of me, and act properly
7.Making the smartest and most sensilbe choice

Scott Spiegelberg said...

So Hufflepuff's seem to be nature oriented and concerned with equality/sensibility.

But more importantly, you picked a toad for your familiar?