Saturday, April 14, 2012

Death and rebirth

I did not make it past the second round of the Spring For Music blogging challenge, but I'm grateful for the public support I received, and I'm happy that Elena SB and Will Robin have made it to the final four.  I had a great vacation in Key West, a wonderful Easter with my family, and am now tackling a book proposal that is due by the end of the month.  In the meantime, here are some strange composer deaths.  I would include some more:

1) jazz trumpeter and composer Lee Morgan.  He was murdered onstage by his wife, the details are questioned

2) Maurice Ravel suffered from brain lesions, and died after experimental surgery.

3) Schumann died in an insane asylum like Wolf, though the exact causes are debated.

4) Alessandro Stradella, assassinated due to an affair.

Feel free to add your own "favorite" deaths in comments, and make sure to vote for Elena and Will next week.

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Anonymous said...

Two strange deaths that aren't included are Marc Blitzstein, whose murder somewhat outdoes Vivier's, and franco Evangelisti, who was killed by a cerebral hemorrhage caused by being hit by a bunch of keys thrown down to the poor-visioned composer by his mother from a window above the entrance way when he came home late one night.