Thursday, October 29, 2009

J'ai arrivais, eh?

I'm in Montreal for the annual meeting of the Society for Music
Theory. Tonight was spent in committee meetings and bar chat, the
papers begin tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I hope to run (my
marathon is in 10 days) and do some sightseeing, before learning about
composers who use triple sharps and the psychology of sadness in
music. I'll keep you apprised of memorable moments.

Scott Spiegelberg
Associate Professor of Music
DePauw University


Chris Wolf said...

Can't wait! I would like a word on what incoming freshman should/could/might know for most universities as a possible major, if the topic ever arises...peace,

Kerja keras said...

the best moment,,keep blogging

shared for all said...

hmmm best time.,.,., :D

TJ said...

The topic of psychology of sadness in music sounds rather interesting!