Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best of the Rest: We Got Pictures!

Night After Night gives us some good pics of Bang on a Can's latest invention, the Asphalt Orchestra.

Darcy James Argue mourns the death of jazz drummer Rashied Ali, with a nice photo taken by DJA himself.

Music 000001 produces a very complicated graph of "the Phylogenetic tree of complete mtDNA sequences belonging to haplogroup L1c" from a paper about Pygmies and Bantu farmers by Quintana-Murcia.

Feast of Music has some pics of what he calls the misnamed Mostly Mozart festival at Lincoln Center.

Musical Assumptions shares a picture and a recipe for Hummus-Tahini Seitan.


Sarah Chamberlain said...

Mostly Mozart is a diabolical joke meant to lure Baroque/Classical enthusiasts like my father into new music concerts. Win.

shoreacres said...

Thanks for your wide-ranging links. A friend just back from Bali is going to try and make it to Berkeley for the Bang on a Can's Bali opera.

Lowri said...


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