Saturday, October 18, 2008

Run, baby, run!

Today I ran my second half marathon. The weather was beautiful, if a little on the cold side. I wore my running gloves, and used the new long-sleeved tech shirt given out by this race. I was much more ready for this race than the last one, which showed with a much improved time: 2:05:20.0 This was a 9:33 pace, faster than I had hoped (10 minute pace). I fluctuated between various low 9-minute miles until mile 11, when a hill slowed me to a 10:55 pace, and I stayed at a 10+ pace for miles 12 and 13, though I did finish fairly strong. My rank was 1125 out of 2578, and 110 out of 168 in my age group. I'm already registered for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon next May. My goals are to a) do better than this time, b) run a sub 2 hour time, and c) run faster than a 9 minute pace.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm very impressed!