Thursday, June 05, 2008

Call for Blogs

I will be compiling my Semi-annual Naming Of Blogs Mostly Used to Scribble About Classical music (SNOB MUSAC)*, with publication in one week. I'm planning to work out some new statistics from the rankings, in efforts to keep up with the recent competition in classical music blog ranking. I will be using previous lists, my blogroll on the left, and Chris Foley's list of 220 on PageFlakes. If you know of a blog not on any of those lists, or have a particular URL you want me to use in compiling the stats, indicate so in the comments to this post. While I will be checking all the blogs I have listed to see if they have updated in the last six months, I'd also appreciate any notes about blogs that have closed shop.

*Okay, it is really called the Top 50+ Classical Music Blogs, but that doesn't have nearly as amusing an anagram.


Scott said...

Hi Scott --

I'd like to call your attention to the new S.F. Classical Music Examiner, which is located at:

Thanks, and best wishes --
Scott Foglesong

Chris Felcyn said...

Hello Scott

It's just a humble new blog but a guy's got to start somewhere. I hope you'll check out:

Thanks a lot.

Chris Felcyn

Dan B. said...

I've got a blog at which I'll update more when I get back on Monday. And I do like that acronym.

Daniel Koontz said...

I like the acronym too. :)

And I'll self-centeredly submit my blog as well:

101 Classical Music CDs


Anonymous said...

I do a lot with new music, at:


Fernando Vasconcelos said...

Well I have a blog in Portuguese:
And I have started recently a modest blog in English, you will understand why I liked your 50 idea :-)