Friday, December 07, 2007

FriPod: Academic to After

Yes, I haven't blogged for a week. There are several causes for this silence:
  1. It is the last week of classes, and I was trapped under ungraded exams and homework.
  2. I got my early midlife crisis, and I was trapped by Wii Sports and Paper Mario.
  3. I purchased several books, and I was trapped by Alex Ross and Stephen Ericksen.
  4. DePauw's Post-Classical Symposium demanded my attention, and I was trapped by a panel discussion and four awesome concerts (two not associated with the symposium).
  5. My furnace broke and kept me from seeing Alex Ross at the Hilbert Circle Theater, and I was trapped with two very cold cats.
  6. My uncle died and my marriage ended, and I was trapped in an uncommunicative funk.
But now classes are over, I've gotten (mostly) over the funk and the symptomatic videogaming and bookreading, concerts are over other than my daughter's violin recital tonight, and my furnace is fixed. So now a new FriPod:

1. Academic Festival Overture, Op. 80, by Brahms, performed by Georg Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
2. Accellerationen by Johann Strauss, Jr., performed by Willi Boskovksy and the Vienna Philharmonic.
3. "Accidentally Like a Martyr" by Warren Zevon on Excitable Boy.
4. "Ach Elslein, liebes Elselein" by Ludwig Senfl, performed by the King's Singers.
5. "Ach Herre, Sehe Uns Genädig An" by Jørgen Presten, performed by the Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts and Ars Nova.
6. "Ach, weh des Leiden" by Hans Leo Hassler, performed by the King's Singers.
7. "Acordes moy" by Antoine Busnois, performed by Piffaro.
8. "Addendum" for violin, cello and piano by Chick Corea on Works.
9. "Adieu Mes Amours" by Anonymous, performed by the Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts and Ars Nova.
10. "Africa" by Arturo Sandoval on Danzón.
11. "Afro-Cuban Lullaby" (traditional) performed by Christopher Parkening.
12. "After Antietam" by James Horner on the Glory soundtrack.
13. "After The Thrill Is Gone" by the Eagles on Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. 2.
14. "After You've Gone" by Creamer and Layton, performed by Roy Eldridge on Little Jazz.


ACB said...

Welcome back, Scott! I went through a similar experience last year (the divorce part), and I quit blogging for six weeks. So, you're doing alright... :) Video game silliness and violin concerts by daughters are great antidotes to dark times. As is FriPod! Thanks for this fun weekly exploration of my music library.

Tim Rutherford-Johnson said...

Sounds like a horrible time Scott. Hope you're OK.

Scott said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm going day by day, some better than others.