Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Frozen Cupid Day

The local schools were on a 2-hour delay for all of last week, due to extreme* cold conditions. This week, they decided to close school both yesterday and today because of snow and ice. They even closed DePauw today, the first time in about thirty years. And Mary's seminary was closed yesterday and on a very short schedule today. John Scalzi's picture says it all. Fortunately I had already purchased a valentine card and took Mary out for a dinner date on Monday, so I'm not as unprepared as John. Meanwhile, I'm trying to prepare for my conference while taking care of the kids, which mostly involves watching them sled down our hill continuously. Though today they decided to have school at home. There were math problems, reading practice, and story time, with the sledding as recess. Throw in some violin and cello practice this afternoon and we'll call it a day.


Robert said...

Hmm, first time in about 30 years...

I was at Purdue around that time and it was a big deal when we had a blizzard and school was closed. My memory is that it was 1978 but time makes this all a blur, of course.

No snow days our here in California although I missed two days of work after the '89 earthquake.

Scott Spiegelberg said...

It is particularly frustrating that school was cancelled today as well, even though we didn't get any more snow and the roads are clear. The kids and I are getting cabin fever! No earthquakes, though. I remember a fellow student at college from Berkeley. He had been through several earthquakes without blinking, but was completely freaked out by a tornado warning (fairly common in Wisconsin).