Thursday, August 25, 2005

Baritones galore

Today I was wafted into bliss by the incredibly beautiful voice of Gabriel Crouch. Formerly of the King's Singers, Gabriel is the new choir director and a professor of voice here. We had our opening convocation at the School of Music, where four new faculty members performed. Gabriel sang "Here the Deities Approve" from Purcell's Welcome To All the Pleasures, the ode to St. Cecilia, and "Music For A While". He performed them with only the groundbass continuo played by our sabbatical replacement cello professor, Steven Ruck. The way he shaped the phrases was astounding, the tone color pure and velvety, the vowels open and clear, and the emotion was perfect. I look forward to seeing what he will do with the two choirs on campus.

I was also excited to see that Tom Meglioranza is coming to perform here for his first recital of the season. The kids will have to come with me, but there's no way I am missing this performance.

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