Monday, October 11, 2004

Bush vs. Bush

Yesterday I wrote a post about Thelonious Monk's birthday and my experience with the musician. Unfortunately, this post was accidentally deleted before I could publish it, and I don't have the desire to reconstruct it right now. Maybe next year for his birthday.

Instead, I want to address George Bush's attack on John Kerry's recent statements on terrorism. John Kerry wants to battle terrorism down to the point that it is no longer a focal point of our lives, but merely a nuisance. He takes the realist position that it is impossible to completely iradicate terrorism from the world. George Bush scoffed at this attitude, saying that he was going to achieve victory against instead of reducing it. The president apparently forgot what he said six weeks ago. George Bush first said that we couldn't win the war on terror, and then clarified that rather negative statement by explaining that the goal is to make terrorism undesirable as a tactic. Hmm, that sounds like the goal is to reduce terrorism without necessarily eliminating it. Perhaps another way to express Bush's thoughts is to say that terrorism no longer be an effective tool of warfare/politics, that it will be relegated to a nuisance ploy. But then that is the same thing that John Kerry said. Either Bush has flip-flopped, or he is lying merely to attack Kerry. Good show, Mr. President!

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