Sunday, July 11, 2004

Does crow come in soft-serve?

Last weekend my brother's girlfriend made a highly unbelievable statement: there is no frozen custard in New England. She swore on her mother's grave, and offered to have her mother call me to swear on her mother's grave. This came up during a visit to my family in Wisconsin, where the Boston couple happily sampled custards from Ella's Deli in Madison, Gille's Custard in Fond Du Lac, and Culver's in Appleton. Their excuse for what some may describe as gluttony is that they cannot get this cool and creamy treat in their home environs, that in fact the girlfriend (a native Yank) had never had frozen custard in her life.

While skepticism is a healthy thing when regarding our current administration, it generally does not lead to good family relations. But I've been gunning for this person, ever since she had the gall to diss Keith Jarrett. (I kid! Who could diss Keith Jarrett?) So I offer this evidence from her previous state of residence: Heritage Farm Creamery, in Sanbornton, NH. Note that the origin of frozen custard was in New York, just a hop away.

A fluke, you say? Then perhaps Kohr Brothers, original purveyors of frozen custard with locations in Massachusetts, will assuage your fears. I believe Boston is located somewhat near this state. And finally, Abbott's Custard, which milady (thanks Rambler) and I enjoyed countless times during our stay in western New York, started in New Hampshire in 1908.

Sometimes when something sounds unbelievable, there is a reason for it. In Denise's defense, Heritage Farm's website does suggest that frozen custard is not as popular in New England as it used to be (inexplicable, really), so I do believe that she has never had it. And now the happy couple will be even more happy, as they compare Kohr Bros. to Gille's.

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