Monday, November 28, 2005

Music in other disciplines

In Economics: protectionism by music unions in France, via Brad DeLong.

In Cognition: remembering words vs music, and music helping us to remember things better.

In Encyclopedias: what chemistry and music have in common.

In Education: what physics and music have in common at Andover.

In Art: the influence of music on some paintings. (I don't particularly like these. There are many paintings in the halls of the Performing Arts Center here, including a series on "Sound in Color" by Leonardo Nierman. These paintings on impressions of Ravel, Mahler, Bach, and others please me more than those by Dr. Lin.)

In Philosophy: Wha Hah Hah Hahh! = Armageddon.


Ben.H said...

I'm still trying to figure out what Dr Lin means by "capturing melody with color" - funny how his paintings are limited to music with text.

Scott said...

I think it is a problem of translation. He really is mimicking the music with the brush strokes, I don't see where color comes in. And yes, it is kinda cheating to use programmatic music.